What A Normal Week Is Like While Doing Voice Over Work

You should know up front — there is no “average” work week!

One of the beauties and challenges of doing voice overs is that work tends to ebb and flow depending on the seasons and holidays, as well as your own productivity and networking. for more information, be sure to checkout this wonderful post on learning “what are voice overs

Despite the changes you should anticipate in your week-to-week work, the one thing that should remain a fixture in your schedule is the amount of time you dedicate to networking. Contacting potential clients, and staying in touch with past ones, is a sure fire way to make sure your inbox stays full when others are scrounging for work.

So, how far in advance should you prepare for the holidays? Three months is a good rule of thumb for all major events. That means that you should now be checking in with clients who might need your services for winter holiday commercial promotions. By this time next month, you should have your eye on Valentine’s Day voiceover work, then Mother’s Day, and so on.

If you are surprised to find out that you already missed Halloween and Thanksgiving Day, get ahead of the competition and move on to the next major event. Don’t forget that the date of some holidays changes from year to year, like Sweeps.

Once you get the feel for the yearly work flow, you can make sure to stay organized so that you are not caught off guard when you hit a slow season. While these coming months are a busy time for you, know that January and February will be relatively slower times. Planning ahead for the slow season will keep your voiceover business on track, both financially and marketing-wise.

Keep in mind that your overall work flow does not need to slow down in between the holidays. Networking within your local community should keep you busy with radio voice-overs, commercials, and telephony recordings until the next major holiday rolls around!

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