How To Install Clip-In Natural Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a go-to option for a lot of women who want longer hair. They come in different styles and lengths, and natural hair extensions are as easy to style as your natural hair! You can use extensions to add color to your hair, without having to damage your natural hair.

Finally, perhaps the biggest perk of all is how easy clip-in natural hair extensions are to install and blend in with your normal hair. You don’t have to go to the hair salon every time you want to try a new style, simply follow this guide to achieve all of your long-haired dreams! for more information on kinky curly solutions natural hair clip-in extensions.


  • Clip-in natural hair extensions
  • A rat-tail comb or something to use to part your hair
  • A brush
  • Small hair elastics (optional)


natural hair extensions
  1. Co-wash the extensions (this means using conditioner, instead if shampoo, to wash the hair). Let them air dry.
  2. Begin at the tip and work your way up with a brush, ensuring that you are gently brushing out the extensions.
  3. Style your extensions to fit natural hair clip-ins. Remember to use heat defense before straightening or curling the hair, as it is real human hair and will get damaged by the heat.

Now that your clip-in extensions are prepped and ready to be installed, follow these steps to transform your short hair into glamorous, long locks:

  1. Start at the nape of your neck and part your hair into 1-inch sections using the end of your rat-tail comb.
  2. If you want, make little pony tails by using the small hair elastics to secure the sections. This will ensure a firmer hold and prevent your extensions from sliding down your hair.
  3. Select one of your prepared extensions and make sure the clip is open.
  4. Locate your part and position the clip as close to the root of your hair as you can. Slide the clip in and make sure it is secure by pressing the clip shut. Note that you need to be able to feel and hear it snapping closed.
  5. Gently brush each section after adding it to ensure that it integrates smoothly with your natural hair.
  6. Repeat these steps until you have secured all of your extensions.
  7. Keep in mind that you should only insert extensions where there is enough hair to cover them. If you insert them at the wrong places, the clips will show and it will no longer look natural.
  8. Style your whole head of hair after inserting all the clips. Keep in mind that you can style it how you normally would, as the extensions are made from real human hair.

Finally, don’t give up! It takes time to master the art of clip-in extensions, but, once you have,  it will all be worth it. Just imagine the volume and length that you can achieve!