How To Install Clip-In Natural Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a go-to option for a lot of women who want longer hair. They come in different styles and lengths, and natural hair extensions are as easy to style as your natural hair! You can use extensions to add color to your hair, without having to damage your natural hair.

Finally, perhaps the biggest perk of all is how easy clip-in natural hair extensions are to install and blend in with your normal hair. You don’t have to go to the hair salon every time you want to try a new style, simply follow this guide to achieve all of your long-haired dreams! for more information on kinky curly solutions natural hair clip-in extensions.


  • Clip-in natural hair extensions
  • A rat-tail comb or something to use to part your hair
  • A brush
  • Small hair elastics (optional)


natural hair extensions
  1. Co-wash the extensions (this means using conditioner, instead if shampoo, to wash the hair). Let them air dry.
  2. Begin at the tip and work your way up with a brush, ensuring that you are gently brushing out the extensions.
  3. Style your extensions to fit natural hair clip-ins. Remember to use heat defense before straightening or curling the hair, as it is real human hair and will get damaged by the heat.

Now that your clip-in extensions are prepped and ready to be installed, follow these steps to transform your short hair into glamorous, long locks:

  1. Start at the nape of your neck and part your hair into 1-inch sections using the end of your rat-tail comb.
  2. If you want, make little pony tails by using the small hair elastics to secure the sections. This will ensure a firmer hold and prevent your extensions from sliding down your hair.
  3. Select one of your prepared extensions and make sure the clip is open.
  4. Locate your part and position the clip as close to the root of your hair as you can. Slide the clip in and make sure it is secure by pressing the clip shut. Note that you need to be able to feel and hear it snapping closed.
  5. Gently brush each section after adding it to ensure that it integrates smoothly with your natural hair.
  6. Repeat these steps until you have secured all of your extensions.
  7. Keep in mind that you should only insert extensions where there is enough hair to cover them. If you insert them at the wrong places, the clips will show and it will no longer look natural.
  8. Style your whole head of hair after inserting all the clips. Keep in mind that you can style it how you normally would, as the extensions are made from real human hair.

Finally, don’t give up! It takes time to master the art of clip-in extensions, but, once you have,  it will all be worth it. Just imagine the volume and length that you can achieve!

How to Make Rap Beats With Rap Beat Making Software

Are you excited to learn how to make rap beats as the pros are doing? Do you think that the easiest way to make your path in making remarkable rap beats is through the use of beat making software?

Creating hip hop beats requires creative thinking but the essence of the music also depends on the quality of sounds produced and the mixing of different music patterns that the listeners will surely love to hear. In a typical rap song, the rap beat is its soul aside from the message it wants to deliver to the crowd, therefore, it is crucial to consider to buy beats online.

Basically, there are certain elements that comprise a good rap beat and one important part of it is the audio loop. If you know how to make beats by applying several audio loops, this can create a great sound and form an original beat that stands out on the listeners. For starters, making the audio loops is the first objective to deal with and the process becomes easier through the music sequencer featured in the beat maker. It is easy to master this process and the user will enjoy creating more audio loops upon the completion of the first set.

After familiarizing the audio loops, another important element of the beat is the drum patterns consisting of snares and kicks. Timing is needed to make successful drum patterns, so this can be lengthy on the first attempt but as soon as the user accustomed to the system of the beat making software, the succeeding tries will be a piece of cake for sure. Once you finished composing your audio loops and drum patterns, you can now mix them and generate your own hip hop beat and start pleasing the crowd.

I found that myartistdna beats for sale is truly made easier as this brand uses the best software for making beats. There’s no need to buy expensive audio gear and music mixing equipment if the internet has music tools for you. Many of these tools are free to use and you can go out and get started today as they are very easy to use and to learn the ins and outs of the software.

What A Normal Week Is Like While Doing Voice Over Work

You should know up front — there is no “average” work week!

One of the beauties and challenges of doing voice overs is that work tends to ebb and flow depending on the seasons and holidays, as well as your own productivity and networking. for more information, be sure to checkout this wonderful post on learning “what are voice overs

Despite the changes you should anticipate in your week-to-week work, the one thing that should remain a fixture in your schedule is the amount of time you dedicate to networking. Contacting potential clients, and staying in touch with past ones, is a sure fire way to make sure your inbox stays full when others are scrounging for work.

So, how far in advance should you prepare for the holidays? Three months is a good rule of thumb for all major events. That means that you should now be checking in with clients who might need your services for winter holiday commercial promotions. By this time next month, you should have your eye on Valentine’s Day voiceover work, then Mother’s Day, and so on.

If you are surprised to find out that you already missed Halloween and Thanksgiving Day, get ahead of the competition and move on to the next major event. Don’t forget that the date of some holidays changes from year to year, like Sweeps.

Once you get the feel for the yearly work flow, you can make sure to stay organized so that you are not caught off guard when you hit a slow season. While these coming months are a busy time for you, know that January and February will be relatively slower times. Planning ahead for the slow season will keep your voiceover business on track, both financially and marketing-wise.

Keep in mind that your overall work flow does not need to slow down in between the holidays. Networking within your local community should keep you busy with radio voice-overs, commercials, and telephony recordings until the next major holiday rolls around!

Such A Voice currently offers straightforward voice over training in cities all over the US. Visit us today to register and start on your way to getting paying voice over jobs with your speaking voice.

How To Improve Search Engine Optimization?

Improve your page stacking speed

  Your page stacking time is important for a few reasons.

  As a matter of first importance, if your stack speed is excessively sluggish, Google will feel it, and it will hurt your position.

  As dull as it may be, a sluggish site will affect the way your site attracts visitors to your pages.

  Write Quality Content

  The URL, title, and title of the previous page are generally compelling on search engine rankings.  Release your watchword expression through the page for some time — some time in the opening and closing passage, and through additional substance on two to four additional occasions.

  Remember to use strong, italic, heading labels (especially H1), and other accent labels to use these watchword phrases – though don’t try too hard.  You need your language and composition style.  Never a great creation for SEO.  The best pages are made for clients, not search engines.

  Use Outbound Links

  There are a few things you can do to expand the validity of your site.

  Without a doubt, you can make claims, yet it looks better on the off chance that you return them.

  The entirety of your information matters must be linked to reliable and legitimate sources.

  Update Your Content Regularly

  You have noticed that we feel very uneven about the material.  Search engines do, as well.  The persistent fresh matter is seen as the best marker of a site’s mess, so be sure to keep it new.  Review your substance on a set timetable (for example semester) and refresh based on the situation.

  Title Metadata

  Title metadata is accountable for page titles shown at the highest point of a program window and as a feature inside search engine results.  This is the main metadata on your page.

  For people with a CMS site, the web group has created a computerized framework to create a meta title for each page dependent on your page title.  This combines the importance of using well-screened page titles with watchword phrases.

  illustration Metadata

  The illustration metadata is the printed illustration that a program can use in your page search returns.  Consider that your site has a window show – an included and engaging illustration inside, urging individuals to enter.  A decent meta depiction will typically have two complete sentences.  Search engines generally cannot use your meta depiction, yet it is necessary to give them options.

  A Link Worthy Site Can Help

  Zero on creating important relationships inside content.  Instead of adding a “click here”, give a shot an objective name.  Make frequent use of graphic connections by connecting catchphrases – this improves search engine optimization, in addition to including people with disabilities or increasing the value of those using screen pairs.

   Use The Alt Label

  Constantly portray your visual and video media using a total label, or alternative content illustration.  They allow search engines to find your page, which is essential – especially for individuals who use text-bus programs or screen parsers

How To Make Rap Beats

How to create hip-hop style instruments on your PC with free programming.  Once you understand the different parts of a hip-hop beat, you can use FL Studio or GarageBand on your Windows or Mac PC to create your beat and save it as a recording.

     To get a good rap beat lease, you need to think about the following:

     Understand the life systems of a hip-hop beat.  All hip-hop beats use a combination of accompanying instruments:

     Drum Line: Defines the beat and the base of the beat.  The drum line is the most important part of the beat.

     Bass Line: Completes the drum line.  The bass line is less important on the large beat level than the drum line.

     Lead: The main instrument for creating a song (e.g. a piano).

     Support: Any other instrument used in connection with the song (e.g. small string instruments).

     Familiarize yourself with good planning.  Most hip-hop instrumental is played in 4/4, which means that every bar has four beats.  So to speak, a measurement can have a battery lead, a zipper, a cap and a flap on each touch before it is restarted for the next measurement.  In addition, normal hip-hop instruments are around 115 BPM (beats per minute).

     For a slower hip-hop beat, you can use a 2/4 beat that corresponds to two beats for each measure.

     Know which instruments are usually available.  Hip-hop beats regularly use a combination of kick, clap, cap and snare beats as the drum line, while an 808 drum kit or bass guitar can be used for the bass line.  In fact, these are the main instruments that you can use to create a real hip-hop beat.

     Lead and boost instruments can range from synthesizers to the piano.

     Think about the motivation of your pace.  While hip-hop and rap generally focus on spoken words rather than singing, some hip-hop specialists draw the line between rap and R&B in their melodies when you need to assign a segment of your beat to a vocal segment  You may change the lead and beat enhancement instruments to complete the segment.

     You can add rap verse to almost any 4/4 beat and give the end product a good sound, so you don’t have to worry about explicitly organizing your beat when you make a hip arrangement.


SEO packages for small business

What incorporates an SEO package for a small company?

  With fluctuating costs, each organization will offer an alternative arrangement of plans and expectations, however regardless of how much you put resources into SEO you should get the highlights below (in any case). If your looking for more info on marketing.

  A custom SEO system:

  Website optimization is not configured and ignored.  Search engine optimization is anything but a momentary fix.  Also, SEO is definitely not one size fits all.  SEO packages from an independent company should be individualized for the organization, depending on the primary specialized SEO, the organization’s objectives, the organization’s business, and the level of rivalry in that industry.

  The slogan examines:

  With a general system in place, you and your SEO organization should recognize the key goals and expressions you need to rank for on the web.  Along with this motto, the investigation should be a contestant exam and a key phrase problem report.  When you have chosen many key phrases, your methodology should change in the same way.  In reality, your SEO organization should normally be re-strategized as Google changes its calculation day by day.

  Site improvement:

  In view of solid methodology and key phrases, you should start updating your site with top notch substance and specialized SEO.  The site’s big improvement highlights a unique substance that discusses its articles and benefits and follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

  Legitimate links:

  Excellent backlinks link its validity on the web.  The varied variety also supposes a gigantic work in the definitive backlinking.  Any SEO organization that deserves at least a little bit of respect should muster top-notch backlinks normally for their private company through off-page content composing, social media publishing, posting of close logs and  media syndication.

  Week after week + month to month detailing:

  By what method will you know if the results you’re looking for are really happening?  Detailed This is the ability of each SEO organization to be direct with its clients.  Surprisingly better, deeply experienced and competent promotion offices should have the option of giving your SEO crusade a custom dashboard where you can also see the action, key measurements and lead capture results.

  Progressive training:

  You need results for your business and you are not an SEO master, correct?  You need an SEO organization that clarifies the measures in a way that bodes well.  Unfortunately, receiving monthly calls from your SEO organization is not the standard in the business, but the SEO organizations that effectively instruct their clients are truly exceptional.  For unknown reasons, at Agency Jet we are one of the few rare types of people who secure a monthly call with our clients.

How a Cat Carrier Will Benefit You

The cat carrier is a smart and worthy investment for first-time cat owners. It is essential for pet owners who are always on the go and would like their pet with them. They are particularly useful when taking your cat to the vet. A cat carrier minimizes the damage made to your car as you drive to a certain area. Travelling pet owners will need the cat carrier to store the cat on the plane.

In determining its usage, first ask yourself how often you’ll be using the carrier. If your cat is prone to vet visits, get a carrier that works in cars or public transport. Traveling pet owners will need a cat carrier that fits on a plane or in boat spaces. Jet setting pet owners should look for the cat carrier that complies with airline regulations. Those who prefer taking trains can use the wheeled kind of cat carrier.

Other cat carriers are more suitable for walking around with your cat. The in-hand carrier lets you have the cat as you walk to take them to the vet. For your maximum comfort, the sling shoulder carrier or soft hand carrier is recommended. The former is best for large cats that don’t move around. The latter is more stylish and has several pockets to store the cat’s materials.

It’s also important to consider the cat’s size when looking for the appropriate carrier. Large cats need more space to stretch while kittens need a certain area to move around. Kittens cannot stay in the hand carry type of cat carriers since they will easily get out. Use a cat carrier that has a secure lock but enough space to keep it entertained.

One should not forget the importance of the carrier’s size. The size should not cramp up your cat and give it discomfort. Be sure it has enough space to stretch. Kittens are more playful and prefer larger spaces. They need the larger space to move around. Otherwise, the kitten will end up getting out of the carrier.

If you want to get creative, carriers are offered in a variety of designs. Look for designs that the cat will enjoy. Other designs work by matching the cat’s personality. Those who would like to save but want to design the carrier can buy stickers. Place the stickers on the carrier to distinguish it from the rest.

You must also prioritize the cat’s size when picking the right carrier. If the cat is too large and the carrier too small, your pet will feel great discomfort. Have enough space for the cat to stretch but enough to fit it in your vehicle. If you have to publicly transport your cat, don’t use carriers that will cause other passengers discomfort.

Choosing the right carrier for your cat is simply a matter of knowing your cat’s needs. First time pet owners should consult with their vet, especially if they have to travel. However, it is not recommended for the cat to travel too much. Pet owners are advised to leave the cat at home if you have to travel a long distance. The carrier should only prioritize the cat’s safety and not compromise it. Observe your cat’s behaviour as well before buying your carrier. Their behaviour will help you estimate the best choice for a carrier. Cats who like to move around won’t usually enjoy staying in a carrier.

How To Groom and Style Black Men Beards

Your face is your first encounter with the world, and how you present your beard is no exception. A clean, stylish and well-cared for black men beard care can either get people to take a second glance or look away. It takes some work to keep your beard stylish, but in the end, definitely worth it. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind.

Frame Your Face

First, assess your face. There are certain haircuts that aren’t going to work with your face, and that’s true of beards. A long face should have a hairstyle that falls to the side and/or across the forehead, creating width. If you have a long, or even oblong face, you want to grow the sides of your beard out longer too–creating the same illusion. Square and round faces do better with a beard that’s short and trim on the sides and fuller at the bottom, creating a look that lengthens the face. 

Clean and Soft

A dirty beard isn’t going to win you any points, so you’ll want to keep it clean. Your hair and scalp are different from your face and beard so start with a beard shampoo and conditioner that will also benefit your skin underneath it. There are many products made with natural and organic ingredients like argon and jojoba oil, that will be gentle on your beard. Scrub and condition your beard several times a week, and follow-up your treatment by gently patting it dry. Vigorous drying can lead to a frizzy beard or worse, split ends. 

Understanding Black Men Beards

There are several tools that can help trim black men beards: clippers, razor and beard or mustache scissors. To start, trim your beard using clippers with a bigger guard to prevent cutting it too short and ruining all those months of patient grow-out. The most universally flattering technique is leaving hairs a little longer around the chin and shorter on the sides of your face. The mustache should be kept as short as the hair on your cheeks and temples. But if this is your first foray into facial hair and you feel nervous about different lengths, don’t mess with the adjustments on your clippers and just do a simple and short even length all around. 

Once that’s taken care of, you’ll want to clear those hairs off your upper lip. Try running the clippers widthwise across your face so the guard doesn’t get caught in your nostrils; or use a pair of beard or mustache scissors, which might be easier to maneuver for first timers. 

From there, you’ll trim your neck and create a neckline. Your Adam’s apple is a good reference point as the lowest point for a beard line to dip. From there, extend up in a soft curve towards your ears to create a “U” shape. Take your clippers down a notch or two below your jawline, and even further as you get closer to your Adam’s apple to create a taper. You can even go down to bare clippers for the final quarter inch. 

Finally, clean it all up with a wet-shave razor to remove any stray hairs from your cheeks and around and below your neck, making sure you follow the natural lines of your beard. Use oil, gel, or creme for a smoother shave, but avoid cremes that lather since it makes it difficult to see what you’re doing.

If all of that’s too much and/or if you’re a visual learner, get your first beard trimmed by your barber. If you’re a DIY type, turn to Youtube for some visual cues on what to do.


After feeling satisfied with your new trim, moisturize your beard to keep it healthy. Rub some beard oil into your beard, then run a beard comb through it to soften the hairs. This also helps distribute the oil and style your beard back into place. If you’re going to trim your beard, comb it against the grain, so it’ll stand up and show any uneven hairs which you can take care of as you put the final touches on your trim.

Five Project Options for Direct To Garment Printing

By thinking outside the box with your custom printing, you can create a finished product that will shine with innovation. Explore possible project options to see where your imagination takes you. I found that Atlanta t-shirt printing kings as they make the best dtg tee shirts.

Invitations and Announcements

When you’re hosting an event or announcing news, custom printing can be the best way to share. Creating your invitations or announcements is certainly possible, but not everyone has the expertise necessary to adjust margins, borders, and fonts. The result once you go to print can fall short of your expectations. By hiring professionals, you can ensure that your custom invitation or announcement is perfect. You’ll also receive the finished product on the highest quality card stock or paper.

Posters and Banners

When you need to shout some news to the world in the form of a poster or banner, custom printing can make this possible in a bright and lively way. Take advantage of foam core board that can be cut as necessary. Professionals will take your images, logos, photos, and text to craft anything that you envision. You can have it prepared on gloss or matte paper, or on a vinyl banner. These full-color posters and banners will capture people’s attention and direct traffic right where you want it to go.

Greeting Cards

Greetings that you design yourself speak from the heart. While you might be able to create these using computer software, there are various issues that could prevent you from making what you want to send. Place an order to create unique greeting cards that share your personality and your special, heartfelt message. You have a variety of paper choices for your card. Most people find that creating custom greeting cards is comparable to purchasing greeting cards in the store, especially if you buy a large number of items to send to friends and family.

Postcards and Mailers

Businesses engaging in a marketing project can place an order for unique postcards or mailers. A professional can add graphics, colors, and text that are sure to capture the attention of potential clients. You’ll even receive assistance with finishing work such as folding, scoring, cutting, and laminating.

Clothing and Garments

work is not just for paper. You can also place orders for clothing such as hats and T-shirts. The process enables high resolution and full-color designs with the speedy delivery of the finished product.

Think outside of the ordinary for your custom printing needs. Once you consider the many project options that are available and the wide range of items you can order, you’ll never go back to other vendors.